Nepabeigtā dienasgrāmata

(bez virsraksta) @ 20:51

One thing I know I've learned over all
The more that you trust The harder you fall
The more you believe The more you recall
You'll see the signs You'll hear the sound
When your feeling of hope Is turned upside down
My hope lay in tatters Lying cold on the ground
When I found

You lied
From your head down to your toes
You lied
But somehow I know I'll survive
And I can't believe another word you say
So go your way
You lied

You lied
Every little word you said You whispered lies
And right now I know I despise
Every thing I find that came from you
'Cos I hurt too
You lied

You lied
As you looked me in the eyes I saw you lie
But somehow I knew I'd get by
When nothing seems to matter anymore
Who did you lie for?

(c) Midge Ure

Nepabeigtā dienasgrāmata